Photo Credit: Lil Yachty/Instagram

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably know that the app responsible for most of today’s viral videos including keeping Jason Derulo’s career afloat, TikTok is set to become banned in the US. And it’s being done for good reason, and not just because of Trump impersonator Sarah Cooper. The app spies for the Chinese government and is already being banned in other countries. But that’s not the point we wanted to make. Lil Yachty just went viral for his TikTok.

The first thought that came to mind in seeing Lil Yachty trending was that he must have talked about writing some more of City Girls’ music since they just put some more hits out. But of course not. What did he do? He decided to put his hair in a 227 Brenda Jenkins hairflip. And it a was at that moment we realized that maybe we would all be better off without TikTok. If this is what the app has turned into, we don’t need it. Also, it’s quite clear now that he wrote Act Up with him making videos like that.