Photo Credit: Lil Yachty/Instagram

Rapper Lil Yachty is now reportedly a father for the first time according to sources close to the Quality Control Music rapper. The child in question is a little girl born a few weeks ago in New York City. The thing is he hasn’t told anyone that he has a child and it isn’t clear who the mother is since he’s been with a few different women lately. And no word came from his reps about this either.

I mean we can see where this is going. The same thing happened to Trey Songz. He’s one of the only instances we’ve seen a male celebrity come out with a child and not acknowledge the mother because he said it was none of our business. And that’s his right. It’s just awkward… that’s all. He didn’t want to give the woman any shine since apparently either the relationship wasn’t supposed to happen or again, maybe he just didn’t want to tell.

Now as for what the future may hold, Trey Songz eventually revealed who his baby mother is and maybe in this case that’s what Lil Yachty will do. But we understand when timelines get messy you have to take a deep breath before explaining your story. See: Nick Cannon. We love you, Nick but damn. You’ve got a whole lot going on over there these days lol