Photo Credit: FoxSoul

Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s announcement of coming out as bisexual has hit a lot of people differently and this couldn’t be any truer for Lisa Raye. During an appearance on Fox Soul’s Cocktails With Queens, she revealed that bisexual men need to be outed. Now can’t we just agree that misleading your spouse on what sex you’re interested in is wrong without treating gay and bisexual men like Commies during the Red Scare?

“You know what?” Raye asked. “I just, I think it’s so unfortunate because when you get busted, you know, and then you’re just forced to come on out with it, and it’s almost like he could’ve pleaded the fifth still.” She went on to say “Now he’s gotta come on out and say, well, you know what, I’m not completely completely gay, I’m just bi,” causing the rest of the co-hosts, Claudia Jordan and Syleena Johnson to erupt in laughter.

Vivica Fox jumped in saying that people are sexually fluid and that this is just the world we live in now. “People are fluid,” she remarked. “They are not afraid to love who they might want to that night, baby.” Fox later added, that these are men that are “over here and then you come to find out they’re on both sides.” McCoy responded saying, “They gotta be outed! They gotta be busted!”

McCoy also said she has a test to find out if your man is gay. That test involves “using your finger a little bit.” If he responds positively, she says, he’s gay.

Jordan asked the ladies if any of them have dated a man they felt may have been gay bisexual to which McCoy said she did and that “he’s still a suspect.”

“It ain’t came out, you know, but I’ve been hearing it in the business,” she remarked. “People told me. When we were even together people would look at us sideways and I didn’t know who they was looking at harder, me or him.”

To be fair, Gillum coming out as bisexual on Tamron Hall’s show is one of the more extreme relationship turns one can experience and of course, no one wants to go through that. As I see it, that’s his business and not mine. Just like the president’s fetish for porn stars, if he wants a weekend man and his wife is okay with it, because many feel she knew, that’s their business. We spend far too much time trying to tear black officials down that I simply don’t care to engage in this particular bash fest.

Processing this in ways of shock are understandable. Using this as a reason to target all gay and bisexual men by making it your duty to out them because they might harm someone is fearmongering. Now we went through this when Stella got her groove back and that movie is literally over 20 years old. It was mass hysteria in the media about this dl phenomenon. We should be past that now and for McCoy, Da Brat is her sister and she just announced being gay and with a woman so she should be a little more sympathetic to the community. Personally, I’m happy that Gillum has learned to come to terms with himself and hopefully him telling his story will empower others to do the same.