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Lizzo just broke a record alongside Beyonce and Nicki Minaj where the three of them are the first black female artists to reach Number One on the Hot 100 consecutively. Aside from that, she has her own curated shopping list on Instacart and had Tyson Beckford as her love interest in a new music video, something that’s been the goal of women across the globe for close to three decades now. Still that wasn’t enough to shield her from the shade of comedian Aries Spears.

In an interview on The Art of Dialogue, Aries Spears made some pretty nasty remarks about Lizzo to include saying she looks like the sh** emoji. And that was in response to being told by the host that she makes good music. Mind you the show is about elevating hip hop culture and that comment does anything but that. He also went on to say that she had a pretty face but had a bad body.

Fans of Lizzo immediately jumped to her fan to include Megan Thee Stallion saying, “Lizzo you pretty, thick and rich.” And speaking of rich, she just had her $26 million home featured in And Megan posted a clip from Lizzo’s 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) saying, “And you can sing realllll good.” Comic writer Tee Franklin told Spears, “Whole time you breathing heavy while sitting and Lizzo dancing in heels for hours AND playing the flute during them. And PSA: being fat doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy.”

Spears has hit back laughing on instagram saying that he knew this was coming and that he’s ready for all the smoke. Lizzo hasn’t responded. She’s spoken about quitting Twitter in the past so that she didn’t have to see these comments. Just 4 days ago she posted about crying herself to sleep. Anyone who would see that and be aware of how she feels about her weight, something she in fact has worked on and continue to pick on her like Aries Spears should be ashamed.

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