Photo Credit: Logan Paul/Twitter

Two nights in a row this week a man showed up to Youtuber Logan Paul’s house in Encino, California trying to cross over onto the property. First it was Sunday afternoon when he tried to jump the gate like he was K Michelle in Memphis, Tennessee and Monday night Paul ran out to check the guy. Both incidents lead to calls to the police to come deal with the guy. Now Paul knocked a friend of his out in slapboxing recently so whoever the person is that keeps popping up at his door is clearly bold. This same thing happened last year where he made a citizen’s arrest of an intruder in his house which caused them to spend 30 days in jail.

So who would want to break in Logan Paul’s house? He’s no stranger to controversy. He started the year off making an announcement that he was going to go gay for a month in March to prove that being gay is a choice. A lot of people weren’t very happy about that and GLAAD told him that isn’t exactly how that works. He isn’t a bad looking guy so there was no objection from us if he chose to do it. It might be entertaining to watch. Could it be a disgruntled LGBT activist that wants to get in a slapboxing match and not the kind he’s used to? Guess we’ll have to wait and see if they show up again to find out. Police are investigating so we’ll find out soon enough.