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Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey just turned 23 today and had the joy of receiving charges brought down on her for a 2019 hit and run that resulted in flipping over her G Wagon after smashing a Prius. By the way, trying to leave the scene after leaving your car there as a celebrity isn’t that bright. Your dad is Steve Harvey, for crying out loud. You’re going to be fine. Police were told by witnesses they saw her texting and driving not long before it happened as well. Her official charges include one misdemeanor count of resisting/delaying/obstructing a peace officer and another misdemeanor of hit and run resulting in property damage. She’s expected to be arraigned later this month and can very well spend some time behind bars. Now one would think for all the books and shows her father did about women, she might have picked some of that positivity up. Oh well. Maybe it’ll kick in later.

She also happened to have just announced her relationship with rapper Future. This is a big deal considering how she seems to be making her rounds around the industry dating older men from Diddy to Trey Songz, to now Future, after previously being connected to Justin Combs, her previous fiance Memphis Depay and we’re sure we missed a couple in there. She’s been sneaking around with Future, who’s about 13 years older than her for some time but finally decided to open about her relationship with him today. The announcement came in the form of Instagram pics they both shared with the caption “Life is good.” Hers was just a pic of her alone while his was one of the two together in the pool with his face nearly in her boobs. So I guess you can say he’s the one who exposed the relationship, but either way, they’re on front street now. Now Keke Wyatt just announced giving birth to her 10th child and the only other person in the industry that we can think of that has as many children and baby mothers as Keke has baby fathers is Future. I believe it’s 7 children he has now by who knows how many women. But as the saying goes, if she likes it, we love it. Best of luck you two. And Future, please teach your girl how to drive before she really hurts herself or someone else.

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Life is Good ❤️🦅

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