Photo Credit: Zell Swag/Instagram

Zell Swag’s the bisexual clothing designer on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood always threatening to beat somebody up. He left fellow castmember Misster Ray (yes, it’s spelled that way), after smacking him in the face during one of the reunions. Ray says it was his cheap jewelry that hit him and not because he could fight. He threatened to help his friend Paris Phillips jump castmember Brittany B who kept calling him a clown. So for all that energy and testosterone, it didn’t exactly surprise us when his nudes leaked and it was, well… below average. It’s like how short people are always wanting to fight to make up for their height. Overcompensating, much? Anyway, we still love you, Zell. Just keep that thing away. PS: Solo Lucci had a waaaaaay better nude leak here.