Photo Credit: Hazel E/Instagram

Rapper and reality star Hazel E just got engaged to her model boyfriend De’Von Waller with quite the impressive rock on her finger she showed off in the middle of the night on Instagram. We received the notification around 1am, (yes, we don’t miss a thing) but were working on something else and couldn’t cover it at the time. The ring was designed by JimmyXBoi, known as The Streets Jeweler who she said outdid himself on it. As for the man in her life, it’s been a few months since he’s made his debut on Hazel’s Instagram. He’s very much a handsome man and happens to be on Hazel’s management roster. He announced moving to LA for work where we immediately thought that there would be people who would associate that with equate that to his public relationship with the reality star as some hired gig… knowing how people think. Not knowing what he was referring to, we reserved judgement, waited and it turned out they soon appeared on WETv’s Marriage Bootcamp. See? Everything’s not always as it seems. One thing we noticed was that we were looking at his Instagram name repeatedly saying that doesn’t look like the name we remember. And I know this because I kept forgetting his name in keeping up with who doesn’t what. I said that De’Von Waller seemed shorter and less complicated than what I remember. Well it looks like he stopped going by De’Von Burton. Maybe this is a move to create a media alias which then sounds like the PR work of Hazel.

And we were excited to see she was back on reality tv because we made the suggestion last year that she should be hired as a friend on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (I don’t remember if the article is still up or not. Some got lost in our site rebuild.) But at the end of the day, we’re happy to see Hazel happy. She’s obviously made a man happy enough to put a ring on it. And might I add that we’re sure she’s getting something for promoting the jeweler’s information on her Instagram but hey… make that money. And before we go, it should also be stated that just because we haven’t seen that much of her, does it mean Hazel has in any way been hurting. I remember earlier in the year when she was showing off her place in Dubai that as I recall she said she had purchased and was not renting. She spent so much time over there it almost didn’t look like she was coming back. Despite her portrayal on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, it doesn’t take much to see she’s a smart woman which means we’re bound to see plenty more of these two in the future… and we’re definitely looking forward to it.