Photo Credit: VH1

If there’s been anything consistent throughout Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood history, it would be Lyrica Anderson and her husband A1 Bentley. The music duo have a home together, they’ve recently had a child, we’ve all witnessed some of the best reality television drama between their mothers, etc. so to hear that they could be splitting up for good comes as a shock to us all. Now of course, this isn’t the first time they’ve talked about it. Hell, they briefly did last season of the show and while accusations of bad behavior occurred with them both, a text message of an accidental nude sent to Lyrica from Safaree seemed to have overshadowed the entire season. It was hard to remember anything else that happened. But towards the end it was cleared up that nothing happened between the two of them. A1 on the other hand, not so much.

So the breaking point between this Hollywood couple that K Michelle referred to as a “Music Marriage” is that A1 supposedly had a threesome between rapper Cuban Doll and Instagram model Summer Bunni. If the name Summer Bunni rings a bell, that’s because she’s who Offset cheated on Cardi B and proceeded to do a slew of interviews talking about it. When Cardi B responded saying she was done with Offset, Bunni said she didn’t mean to come between their relationship and that she just wanted Cardi to focus on loving her husband. It seemed at the time she was remorseful, but voluntarily sleeping with someone you know from television that’s in a relationship, ie. A1 Bentley, that doesn’t really show you meant those words. Lyrica’s reportedly calling off the relationship over an “inappropriate relationship” A1 had with Summer Bunni. She’s also moved out of the home they share. That’s unfortunate because we hate to see any couple break up, especially one that we’ve watched try so hard for so long to make it work.