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Rapper and producer Roccstar should ring a bell for the Love & Hip Hop fans, he was on Season 5 and was accused of being castmember Lyrica Anderson’s other man. And then he had the nerve to flaunt it in her husband A1, aka Sprngbrk’s face. Well he is now reported exclusively by TheJasmineBrand to be joining Season 10 of Basketball Wives alongside his girl, fashion designer Angel Brinks.

Brinks herself came on in the 4th season and became a full time cast member in season 5 when she was dating her ex, Tyreke Evans. She’s also dated actor Jackie Long. In fact, 50 Cent trolled him saying that now that she was getting reality tv money they were fine and he could pay him the money he owed him. Long didn’t take well to that at all and went completely off on the gram back at him about it. Then there’s her ex husband that commmitted suicide when she was 9 months pregnant with her son Azari.

As for Roccstar being on the show, he’s already been accused of cheating on Brinks. Given how he behaved with Lyrica Anderson and A1, if he did it wouldn’t be any surprise. The couple have also opened a business together, Roccstar’s Angels Trucking, LLC. That’s an interesting field to go in for a fashion designer and music producer, albeit lucrative still.  It’s also interesting given the fact that they just started dating last year. The business was launched this spring.

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Other castmembers previously reported to be returning are DJ Duffey, Brooke Bailey, and Brittish Williams. Brandi Maxiell’s said to be coming back as well.

We just would like to add that when Roccstar debuted on Love & Hip Hop, a lot of social media questioned his sexuality and if he even liked women with the nature of the pettiness he was exuding at the time. Don’t get us wrong. He’s fine and as we’ve said before, there are some men that are so fine that women simply don’t care which way they swing and will voluntarily go along with it but.. we couldn’t leave this topic without mentioning that.

Are you guys ready for Roccstar to make his appearance on Basketball Wives?