Photo Credit: Martell Holt/Instagram

If you’re a fan of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, then you know of Martell Holt. He’s the fine husband on the show and with no surprise, is a serial cheater. The show is about three successful couples in real estate working together to rebuild the city of Huntsville, Alabama, quite a noble goal might we add. But of course the relationship drama that occurs in the meantime is much more salacious and well, interesting, as is always the case with reality television. Well Martell’s side chick, Arionne Curry has apparently been contacting his wife, Melody saying she was going to keep doing it until he leaves her alone, dropping receipt after receipt calling him a liar and stating all he’s lied about in his relationship with her. She even went in to detail about how he was with her the night before going out to eat with his pregnant wife. I’ll also add that as bothered as she is with the situation, she’s apparently not so bothered to return the MacBook he bought her that she said has evidence all through it.

So let’s go over the history of this guy. We’ve already established that Martell’s hot. But his wife has stated multiple times that she had issues trusting him and at one point she said that she was in hopes that the baby would bring them closer. Well according to this news, apparently not. Well earlier in the year, the couple was celebrating their 10 year anniversary and co-star LaTisha Scott decided to blast the couple’s infidelity right in front of everyone asking how they got through it. Now she could have genuinely wanted to know, but it comes across more as some calculated Kenya Moore drama that takes everything within you not to deck her with your purse like Phaedra Parks almost got her once.

“Marsau and I, we were having a discussion and we were like…in the beginning of our marriage we had a hard time and we stayed together, mainly for the kids,” LaTisha says, turning to Martell, 37. “And we think that, in every marriage, there’s [sic] gonna be trials and tribulations that’s gonna come up to test your relationship. I just discussed one of the biggest problems in our relationship that we had. Mel and Martell, we’re here to celebrate you two and y’all love and you guys have overcome some things in your relationship.” That’s when LaTisha goes for the jugular and says, “One of the things is infidelity… How did you guys overcome that to make you were you are today? Because, you’re… stronger right now, so…”

Only on television do these things happen because the police would have likely been there if it were anyone else, real estate developer, doctor or plumber. You don’t do that. But anyway, thank you to GossipintheCity for the screengrabs.