Photo Credit: Lyfe Jennings/Instagram

As the world is up in arms over the Jeffrey Dahmer television series with people like Boosie asking his fans to boycott it, Lyfe Jennings had his own personal story about the deceased serial killer. Apparently over a decade before his debut album he served time with him in prison in 1992 in Wisconsin. And not only were they behind bars together, Dahmer liked his singing voice.

“So I used to run across dude all the time ’cause he wanted cigarettes. We used to trade stuff for little cigarettes while he was down there,” Jennings said in a video on Instagram. “So like, I said I was a porter. In case y’all don’t know, a porter is the cat that just cleans the railings and the floor … I was real young then so they let me out to do my thing.”

He continued: “So of course when I was sweeping up I be singing. So a lot of times the cats used to have requests of whenever I was down there doing my thing. Then one particular day, I walk past him and Jeffrey was like, ‘Hey, hey, hey, that’s you down there singing?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, that was me down there singing. You see me down there.’”

He also once made a musical request of him to sing Mint Condition’s 1991 song Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes). “He asked If I know that record and I sang the record and he beat it on the door and all this stuff,” Jennings said. “I ain’t saying the homie is a celebrity or nothing, I’m just telling you my experience.”

And just when things were getting good and he said he would share another Dahmer story the next day, he ended up responding to backlash instead. “Listen, man, I put some stuff up yesterday and cats is just going crazy,” Jennings said, adding his parents watching the new Netflix series is what inspired him to share his story. “But my memories to share are my memories to share.

“Y’all asking questions … I got a whole bunch of stories, I ain’t gonna tell the rest of the stories about what happened with, not the little homie, the guy, the monster, all of that man. I’m just gonna go ahead and finish doing my thing.” He added in the caption: “This world is so judgemental so ima head out back to mine… last part of the story…the rest I’ll tell in a interview somewhere on mars.”

And speaking of Lyfe Jennings and murder, his collaborator on his 2006 hit single S.E.X., Lala Brown was killed the following year at a recording studio in Milwaukee and to this day her murder is still unsolved. She was on tour with Jennings back then, was kicked off the tour and when she went back home to work on a solo career with her new producer boyfriend JeTannue “Kool Aid” Clayborn, they both were killed in the process. Her mother opened up in 2016 that there was a lead on two people from out of state that police had that were already incarcerated and therefore there was no rush to charge them. Hopefully some closure will come to that situation soon.