Photo Credit: Lyrica Anderson/Instagram

Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley have started this season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood rocky. It began from what viewers could tell last season involved Bentley cheating and lingering suspense as to whether Anderson was which turned out to be Bentley covering for her so she wouldn’t look bad being pregnant and cheating. So in other words, it’s easier to make him look bad. So fast forward to the present and Anderson’s cheating is out there and it appears Bentley’s been using that as reason to keep acting up on the side. She’s popped up at a show of his to confront him, spoken to the latest side chick, etc., but after getting a DM from a woman who had been trying for some time to reach her who said she hooked up with her husband after sitting next to each other on a plane, she decided that was it.

That last instance of cheating was enough for Anderson to call some movers and clean out the house and go along with the baby. The sad part about this is that it occurred right after Bentley’s mother actually worked speaking to the both of them as well as Anderson’s mother who she vehemently dislikes just to try to keep their children together. That’s a big deal because she has said a thing or two about her in-laws. Sometimes it’s funny the things that bring people together and if we’re lucky, perhaps her work will have actually accomplished something.

The episode ended with Anderson gone and without communicating a word to her husband. Bentley said he found out from Security alerts on his phone and seeing his wife covering up the security camera. Time will tell if these two come back together. One scene showed Anderson telling castmate Zell Swag that she was in the middle of a separation and he refused to believe it. Bentley called up his friend Ray J for advice after finding his place emptied out and wife gone considering Ray J’s experienced similar on multiple occasions. Ray J’s advice was simple. Aside from needing to find his son, he told him to keep it in his pants. You can’t keep making up and doing the same thing. The saga between Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley is currently to be continued…