Photo Credit: Jimmy Fallon/Youtube

If Madonna is known for anything, it’s going to be for providing shock value. She appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday where she spoke about some of her career regrets to include turning down Catwoman in Batman Returns and Nomi Malone in Showgirls. She says turning down Showgirls was fine but that the Catwoman role was “fierce.” Then she surprised the audience saying, “I also turned down the role in The Matrix. Can you believe that? I wanted to kill myself.” And while she didn’t say the role, there was only one female character and that was Trinity, which was played by Carrie-Anne Moss. “That’s like one of the best movies ever made,” Madonna said. “A teeny-tiny part of me regrets just that one moment in my life.”

And what would a Madonna appearance be without getting everyone talking? While promoting her new documentary Madame X, she said she wanted everyone to understand “art is important in our lives. Artists are here to disturb the peace,” Madonna said, quoting writer James Baldwin, adding, “And so, I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon but people’s peace while they watch the show, but I mean that in the best way.”

Fallon told Madonna, “Oh yeah, you get in good trouble.” She said “Good trouble,” to which he echoed, “Yeah, you really do.” And that’s when she pushed everything atop his desk aside and climbed on top showing her backside. Unsure of what to do, Fallon took his blazer off to cover her while repeatedly saying “Stop it.” She then got up and said, “No one’s going to see anything, my God!” And that’s when she playfully flashed the audience from the back. When they got back to their seats, she said, “Life is not just about interviewing kiddies. Don’t you want to talk to an adult? Let’s have an adult conversation.”

This was unexpected at age 63 but Madonna is undoubtedly still Madonna and will likely be so to her grave.