Photo Credit: Ahlamalik Williams/Instagram; Madonna/Instagram

Madonna is dating a 25 year old. In case anyone missed that, I’m going to say it again. Madge, who is now in her 60s is dating a 25 year old. The lucky guy is one of her backup dancers, Ahlamalik Williams. They’ve supposedly been together for over a year after first meeting back in 2015. Now this timeline is interesting considering how just a couple years ago she had some work done and bought a new a*s. Now we know why she did it. It was the black boyfriend. The young boys will make you do some crazy stuff everytime. lol Well she met his parents this past September after one of her shows and just hosted his parents for dinner last month.

If you’re wondering where all this information is coming from, its Williams’ dad, Drue that’s running to TMZ to tell. He told them, “Love has no age,” adding “My son is livin’ la Vida Loca, and I’m just happy for him.” He went on to say that he’ll be spending early 2020 with Madonna and his son in London and France for her shows there and already booked their flights. While it’s nice that the dad is proud of his son’s relationship, if your son isn’t kissing and telling, why are you doing it? You should not be going to the media talking about your son’s famous girlfriend. And beyond that, this makes a second strike against Williams because the first is the expression on his face while holding her from behind in some recent pictures. He not only doesn’t look into it, he looks like he’s questioning life. on the balcony they’re standing on as if he could jump any minute. That’s not good. So dad, if you’re reading this, you might want to relax if you want to keep getting those international Madonna tickets. This reminds us of the time Madonna dated her bodyguard back in ’91 who waited a decade to sell all the dirty letters she sent him. She has enough to worry about with her significant other betraying her than to have to question the motives of his parents.