Pop star Maluma is in demand and thus pinning him down for a performance date would obviously be a challenge. And that is what the owner of the Soho House and The Ivy exclusive clubs, Richard Caring learned the hard way during his experience in trying to book him to sing at his wedding. He booked him for a wedding last year, was forced to reschedule due to time constraints and when a new date in 2020 was proposed, the price suddenly doubled.

So just how do you have someone in writing agreeing to be paid $500,000 and it magically shoot up to a million? Well Maluma’s team said the June 2020 date would interfere with his touring schedule and apparently the remainder is an inconvenience fee. Scoffing at this claim, Caring requested the $375,000 down payment he had already made. Mind you, this is on top of the 5 first class tickets, 32 coach tickets and private plane and luxury hotel all agreed upon for Maluma.

As of the time of this article, no comment has come from Maluma and the $375,000 he was asked to return since 2019 has yet to be returned. He was caught out biking today and just showed off his house in a tour for Architectural Digest last month so he can’t be hurting too bad. It’s also a middle finger in the eye of Caring for showing off and not making an effort to pay him the money he owes.