Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner had a close call this week with a stalker who was in full on creep mode hellbent on getting a face to face with her. A 35 year old man was arrested outside of her home there to profess his love for her and wasn’t leaving until he had the chance to tell her in person. Instead he was held until police arrived to take him away. We’ll add that he’s 13 years older than her. He was booked for misdemeanor trespassing and later released.

Meanwhile, in her own life she’s said to be having a bit of a casual relationship with on again, off again boyfriend Travis Scott. A source close to the situation says she’s “hooked up with other men since then while occasionally enjoying romantic time with Travis whenever she’s in the mood. And she doesn’t want to feel tied down now, even though they’re back together. Kylie can be a big flirt, and she isn’t about to change her ways just because Travis is back in the picture.”

Jenner is alleged to have told Scott that “she doesn’t like the pressure of being exclusive, and if he’s not down with that, he’s free to stay as friends only.” The source continued saying, “Travis has accepted her terms and is trying to make it work, but he doesn’t want to be laughed at behind his back. He’s hoping Kylie will be discreet—but she’s the one calling all the shots!”

And speaking of shots, remember when they first broke up she was seen leaving a club with Tyga? She probably wants to leave herself open so that Tyga can have her err, um open. His OnlyFans videos have been circulating and it wouldn’t be a surprise that those would be some shots/backshots she might be missing. We’re just saying.