Glitter, sequins, neon colors and bright lights oh my! Those are the words we’d use to describe Mariah Carey’s latest music video for her new single A No No. An exclusive preview was played on Good Morning America this morning showing the money she spent on this video was not going to go to waste by just being another clip on the internet. The most was definitely made out of that money.

In the video, Carey fixed up a replica New York City subway car all glammed up and fitting for a diva shoot. You might recall a few years ago she took the subway late at night with her entourage in a ball gown just for laughs. That’s probably where the idea for this video came from. We could see the wheels turning in her head now saying that the next time she enters the subway, it’s going to need a little diva face lift. And speaking of which, Mimi’s a year or two from 50 now (depending on which bio you read. Her birth year fluctuates), she definitely doesn’t look it. It also might be the plethora of guys showing just the right amount of skin dancing around her. I don’t know. Also in the video are her twins Moroccan and Monroe. And since this is a dance party, Carey’s mostly relegated to a fashion strut around the train car or sitting down… looking fabulous the entire time of course.

If the song sounds familiar, that’s because she sampled Lil Kim’s Crush On You. In fact, she said for a remix, she’d love to have Lil Kim and Cardi B on the track. “we love Kim,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. “I was hoping that the three of us could do a collaboration… but if nobody puts it together, it’s not going to happen.” We hope someone is listening to the woman. When she announces she wants a collab, you’re supposed to make it happen. No word yet on whether it’s happening or not, but that would be amazing. Oh, and she added some whistles throughout the track just to amp the track up some. Good move, Mariah. You knew we were looking for those.

A No No appears on her new album Caution, which came out this past November and also happens to be the opening song in her Caution tour. She just kicked off the Caution World Tour in Texas last month. And on top of seeing Ms. Carey on tour again, do you know what one of the most amazing parts about it all is? She has a few songs from Glitter on the set list. After the album shot up the iTunes charts las year, thanks to her fans, she announced she’ll be doing some of the songs on the tour, since the fans had spoken. Ironically, years ago she said in an interview that she would be open to singing some of the songs live one day but that was now some 15 or so years ago. (Can’t believe I even wrote that.) But the day has finally come. The stigma and jokes from Glitter have finally passed over and she’s able to relive the good part of that era, which was the music.