Photo Credit: Mariah Carey/Instagram

Representative Ayanna Pressley’s getting a Christmas gift that is the envy of the world and that is a Christmas album from Mariah Carey herself. And just how did this come about? Well Pressley tweeted that someone had taken her Carey Christmas vinyl out of her office and had better put it back if they knew what was good for them.

“This is a PSA or a warning depending on how you choose to take it,” she tweeted. “Whomever ‘borrowed’ my #MariahCare Christmas vinyl, return it. You can leave it at my office door, no questions asked.”

“Ya’ll got me so heated I’m posting typos #MariahCarey,” she added. And to the shock and awe of Pressley and Carey fans alike, Miss Christmas herself, Mariag Carey tweeted her saying, “I’ll send you a new one!!” with laughing emojis at the end.

Shocked at the response, she tweeted back, “Is this really THE one and only, the incomparable, iconic and legendary @MariahCarey aka Mimi?”

All of this took place Friday December 3rd when her new Christmas special Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues premiered on Apple TV +. Directed by Joseph Kahn and was executive produced by Carey, Tim Case, Matthew Turke and Charleen Manca.

Kahn is a man who has directed videos for people such as Janet Jackson for her Doesn’t Really Matter video, JLo with her song Dinero with Cardi B and DJ Khaled, Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name and many more so Carey’s in good hands with this special.

And on that same day Carey received a Diamond award for her single All I Want for Christmas is You making it the first holiday song to receive diamond status. “The continued love for my song never ceases to amaze me and fill my heart with a multitude of emotions,” Carey said in a press release. “It blows my mind that ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ has endured different eras of the music industry. The RIAA DIAMOND award?! Wowww! I’m so fortunate to have the greatest fans on Earth, my Lambily, who continue to support my legacy. I love you.”

Kudos to Ayanna Pressley for her Mariah Carey Christmas vinyl. And no we’re not jealous. Well, sort of.