Photo Credit: Mariah Carey/Instagram

We just passed the 18th anniversary of Mariah Carey’s Glitter and she sis now ready to open up about what really happened, but this time in writing. Despite it being such an epic debacle of monumental proportions, one of which many in this generation were just being born when it came out, while we’d love to say she’s detailing the history of the film in a book alone, sadly, that’s not the case. The saga that is Glitter will be included in a new memoir that she is currently working on.

In an interview with Variety on Tuesday, Carey said that her new book will be about her personal life and professional career with plenty of new info about herself soon to be available to the public. For a woman with a decades long career with marriages to two of the biggest names in the industry to the diva demands, a recent reveal about being bipolar, her rumored breakdown to that voice, we’re sure there’s going to be plenty to talk about.

“Born to a black father and white mother, [I] lived in basically very humble beginnings [and] came out of it,” she told the publication of her life. “[I’ve had] ups and downs, and this and that. And public humiliation and going through the wringer.”

Speaking of downs, there was what was to be the biggest moment of her career, a multi-album record deal, one of the highest paydays in history alongside the release of her 2001 feature film that she now refers to as “the debacle that was Glitter.” The album was released on 9/11 which she has cited for the album’s failure (despite having a #2 hit on it) left a permanent stain on her career to put it nicely. She became vindicated in her artistic creativity when the soundtrack to Glitter went to Number One on iTunes last year, quite the juxtaposition to the rumored breakdown she had when the album first came out in 2001 which she says is “a real moment we’re getting into.”

“But then you have an Emancipation of Mimi moment,” she continued, referencing her record breaking 2005 comeback album. “You have to relish that moment, be around real people that care about you and just shake off the other nonsense.”

She then took a moment to go back and touch on the rumored breakdown she had 18 years ago. “I had a whole supposed breakdown, alleged. All of this to be revealed in the book, by the way, which I’m obsessed with writing right now. It’s so cathartic. It was an emotional and physical breakdown, but it wasn’t a nervous breakdown, because you don’t recover from that really. And even my therapist was like, ‘You didn’t have a breakdown; you had a diva fit and people couldn’t handle it.’ And that is something we should explore, because if a woman gets too emotional or too loud or too abrasive or too real, suddenly it’s like, ‘What’s wrong with her? She’s crazy.’”

Carey shared a little about the memoir during a 2018 Watch What Happens Live interview with Andy Cohen where she said, “I was very intimidated and I didn’t want to perform with her…that’s the Queen of Soul!” she told Andy Cohen of performing with the late Aretha Franklin at the 1998 production of VH1 Divas Live. “I don’t want to tell the whole story, because I’m working on my memoirs.”

If you’re wondering when this new memoir of Carey’s will be out, she says it’ll be some time in 2020 but don’t look for it in the beginning of the year. As for other projects she’s working on, she’s doing a deluxe re-release of her ’94 Christmas album on November 1st, the same day the original album came out. This will now be her third Christmas project and this time with some previously unreleased material. She’s also going on an All I Want for Christmas tour kicking off November 22nd with her making stops in Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace for 5 nights with Atlantic City, Washington, D.C., and Boston up next.