Photo Credit: Mariah Carey/Instagram

Mariah Carey put out a tell all memoir last year and her older sister Allison Carey is not happy about it. The claims are pretty ugly ranging from Mariah accusing her sister of drugging her with cocaine at a young age, throwing hot tea at her, giving her third degree burns and tried to recruit her as a sex worker. Mariah said her sister tricked her into spending the night with her sister’s boyfriend, a pimp who ran a prostitution ring in hopes she would go work with him.

In a new court filing, Allison Carey is suing Mariah for publicly humiliating her and said she gave her no opportunity to respond to any of the claims and said she had no “evidence to substantiate” the allegations that she “disputes.” Now what is interesting here is that Allison describes herself as “profoundly damaged” and says Mariah did this to her knowing that she too has suffered at the hands of their mother which sounds as though she’s saying what’s in the book might not be true but something happened with their mother. Allison has claimed their mother let strangers sexually abuse her when she was 10, forced her to watch child sex orgies and sacrifices during satanic rituals.

Mariah’s brother who helped her get her first record deal was said to be suing her last year after calling her “unhinged” and that her book was “laden with lies.” He helped nurse Mariah back during her 2001 breakdown and is accused in the book of agreeing to kill someone for $30,000. Keep in mind that he is the sane one out of the three. Mariah refers to both her brother and sister as her “ex-brother” and “ex-sister” and says they have been ruthless with her for years. “It’s heartbreaking to witness my little sister’s descent into this hatefully delusional revisionist rant because it is so reminiscent of her unhinged behavior during her first breakdown,” he said. “When I reveal the truth, the facts and supporting evidence, it will be a very harsh pill for she and her publishers to swallow and rest assured I will be filing a lawsuit.”

It’s hard to tell who’s lying and who is telling the truth here but we have two against one and one of them is rather sane. Mariah has helped her sister in the past with her drug addiction but cut her off to the point that life saving surgeries she refused to help with in recent years so this obviously goes far. Allison is suing for $1.2 million for “intentional infliction of immense emotional distress caused by defendant’s heartless, vicious, vindictive, despicable and totally unnecessary public humiliation of defendant’s’ already profoundly damaged older sister” for which no response has come from Mariah yet.

Whatver it is going on between those two, or three rather, they can’t be solved by ignoring family. And ignoring them while writing tell-alls mentioning them isn’t exactly going to help either when you have all of the ire of the media aimed in their direction.