Photo Credit: Marilyn Manson/Instagram

Marilyn Manson has lived quite a controversial life and now that he is in his 50s, it seems a lot of his past behavior is starting to catch up with him. A woman he started dating back in 2011 says he showed her footage of him in the 90s tying a fan to a chair forcing her to drink bandmembers’ urine and pistol whipping her, causing her to fear for her own life. Her feelings were right as she later was raped upon showing up to return a key to him.

And this isn’t his only sexual assault case. He has a few other pending ones to deal with. Among the other cases is former assistant of his, Ashley Walters who says he once told her that he “loved when girls looked like they had just been raped.”  He also regularly told her he wanted to kill the women he was seeing.

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