Photo Credit: Marvin Vettori/Instagram

UFC fighter Marvin Vettori has a battle with Israel Adesanya as a rematch of their 2018 fight on Saturday night. Adesanya won by a split decision. But Vettori does not like Adesanya. In fact, neither like each other and this beef has been going for years. In an interview with TMZ, Vettori had a mouthful for his opponent.

“There’s nobody that I would like to beat up more and I get to do it Saturday night. At the end of the day, I’m happy, I get to beat his ass and get his belt.” He added, “I’ll stop him with punches. I’m coming to get the belt. Keep it tight for now because it’s not gonna be long until I get it.”

Coming to get the belt? He sounds like somebody’s grandmother who’s had enough. Meanwhile he received a Dolce & Gabbana endorsement deal and said he’s looking forward to making them proud Saturday.

Adesanya gave some insight on the history of these two’s beef in an interview with BT Sport’s Adam Catterall saying, “I think it was in Vegas after he fought; I was there when Dan (Hooker) fought; I was in Dan’s corner when he fought Diakiese, Marc Diakiese. And I just happened to run into Vettori. I walked past him, we walked past each other and kind of gave each other this look. And I was like, f**k him. And I just told Eugene, my coach, ‘I wanna fight this guy. He kind of smirked at me’. And then, on my second UFC fight, after my debut, they offered us three names, three people – And I was like, ‘That guy; I remember him. That guy; I wanna fight him’. And there were two easier fights as well; two easier fights to pick from. But I picked him because, yeah, I don’t know. It’s energy. Some energies don’t mix. And that’s alright.”

Pointing out that they’ve already fought, Catterall asked Adesanya why he thinks Vettori’s interpersonal equation with him is the same as it was then. “He hasn’t let it go. That’s the problem. He finds it hard to let go of the past. I don’t. I’m not attached to any time in history, to any ideas, to any certain moment. So, I can let things go. Like, okay, that’s in the past. But he wants to hold on to it. But, yeah, this time, in the future, in a few days, he’s going to realize.”