Photo Credit: Masika Kalysha/Instagram; Hazel E/Instagram

COVID hasn’t been the best time for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika Kalysha who in 2020 alone was accused of being a deadbeat tenant, was called out for faking being kidnapped allegedly to promote human trafficking as a cause and then, got jumped by¬† Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood co-star Hazel E during their episode of Zeus’ The Conversation together. Kaysha apparently wasn’t happy with seeing how she was portrayed on the show and her attorney asked that the episode which showed her getting scratches, bruises, and a broken finger after she says Hazel and a cosmetologist came in her dressing room to jump her.

She also claims that Security groped her in the process of breaking up the fight. She said they grabbed her groin and her butt saying, “She’s thick as ****.” Suing for sexual battery and fraud, she’s asking for $6 million in damages. So far Hazel, nor Zeus have given comment. We’ll add that Masika started by lunging at Hazel first and we know how that goes. If you make the first move, the other party is going to finish it, even if later. Not to mention this is Zeus we’re talking about. Just why would they choose not to air a fight? And Masika’s been dying to square up with Hazel for awhile, so to not want the result of the fight to come out seems a bit counterproductive. As for the groping, if that in fact happened, that of course is terrible and should be dealt with.