Photo Credit: Master P/Instagram

Drake and Kanye’s album sale comparisons and subsequent feud have been the topic of conversation in recent weeks and Master P has ahad enough of it. In a new Allison Kugel interview, the rapper whose real name is Percy Miller said “We gotta watch what we do. It’s a lot of selfish people out in the world, and it’s a lot of snakes in the world, so you gotta watch that.” He went on to say, “I think when you at this level and you making this type of money, even the young artists that were losing their lives in hip-hop, which is sad, it’s like, we gotta be thankful and take this as a blessing and grow.”

As for why we’re even hearing about this feud, Master P says, “I think it’s the people around you. You gotta have people give you better advice, or you gotta hang around better people. Also, you gotta be able to be your own critic to where you gotta do what’s right. You gotta hold yourself accountable.” Now this is something I can attest to. Sometimes it’s the people around you more invested in you being involved in a beef than you are and you have to check that energy when you see it.

Then there are the rumors that Kim Kardashian cheated on Kanye with Drake that we’re sure has a little something to do with the feud. Why else would Kanye post his address online? Even if mental health is calculated into this, it comes across as lashing out at someone who actually did something serious to you. It would make sense.

But as for who these two rappers have around each other, Master P said, “I rather sit in the sewer and eat cheese with rats than sit at a nice restaurant and drink champagne and [eat] lobster and steak with a snake. And I think that’s what a lot of us are doing.” And he finished off saying, “Once you get to that level of the game like some of these artist have made it, why lose what you have? Once you get killed or go to jail there’s no turning back.”

He’s got a point. It’ll be those same friends pushing a beef that will stand right there and egg it on until things get violent and claim they had nothing to do with it. Back in April on The Breakfast Club, Master P talked about how we need to have more accountability in our communities saying, “The thing is, we’re not holding self-accountability. When I went to visit people in prinson, I asked the warden, ‘Why are a lot of these guys here?’ He saidm ’90 percent of the people here is ’cause of drugs.’ And drugs is killing our people, man. And we’re not holding ourselves accountable, so we like to blame it on everybody.”

Do you think Master P is right about this Kanye and Drake feud, that it’s their inner circle responsible for this going on?