Meek Mill had another installment of his #AskMeek Twitter segments yesterday where this time he was asked what were his top 5 rappers right now. Now questions like that can be known to get quite contentious and remember, there’s no such thing as a right or wrong answer, but we’re happy to report he gave a solid good answer. “Hov… Wayne…Rozay …. kiss …. Dmx …. and that’s my era top 5!!!” was his response. Jadakiss and DMX are probably the hardest lyricists out of the bunch with the rest dominating radio from since he was a kid and being about the same age as Meek, I can attest to this being a good list. Now we’ve noticed Drake wasn’t on the list which might not exactly have been intentional shade. The artists on the list were all popular well before he was even a thing or even in this country for that matter. chose to highlight a critique from a Twitter user who called DMX’ delivery the equivalent to reading Dr. Suess. I would like that tweet up to see who wrote it but then I’d want to fight. I don’t have time to address the disrespect. Not today, Satan. But we do have to commend Meek on his taste in music.

In other Meek news, Tory Lanez just announced he wasn’t beefing with Meek and that the two never had an issue. For those who weren’t aware, Harlem rapper Melii chose Tory’s label over Meek’s causing Meek to go on Twitter calling it a “corny ass move” before later deleting the tweet. Melii has weighed in saying that a lot of things she stood for as a woman just weren’t there on Meek’s label. She also left Meek’s tour as his opening act due to uncomfortable positions she was put in. She didn’t elaborate on what they were but stated that she had a mic pulled from her hand by a man once while behind the curtain, being told they couldn’t find the mic and put Lil Uzi Vert on instead. It sounds like someone didn’t cherish what they had on their team but they 3 have seemed to try and move on co-existing in the industry since then. And any day with one less rap beef is a good day for the industry, to be honest.