Photo Credit: Tekashi69/Instagram

After years of Meek Mill and Tekashi 6ix9ine trolling each other and even an attempted intervention from Meek, the came to face to face in Atlanta this morning. Apparently Meek was getting in his car after leaving the club and out pops Tekashi wanting to fight. And to being that they both had security, Tekashi started lunging at him from behind his own bodyguards causing Meek to spit at him to keep him away. Yes, Meek with his own words said he spit at him. Dude. Did he not see I Love New York when Pumpkin spit on New York aka Tiffany Pollard and all it did was make things worse for Pumpkin?

We understand that Meek is trying to stay out of prison but the spitting? That’s not really gangsta. And we say that because Meek has been letting Tekashi have it for years over snitching and all the drama he’s kept up trolling that lead to him and a bunch of people around him all going to prison doing serious time. Naturally, as someone who himself got caught up in the legal system in a pretty bad way and has been fighting for reform, it’s understandable that someone like Tekashi who seems to treat it all as a joke would get under his skin. But if you’re trying to teach street code, we’re pretty sure spitting isn’t anywhere in there. On another note, Tekashi is not someone to go to jail over. What do you get out of beating up someone with rainbow hair anyway? I mean, really. Even the look on Meek’s face while it was going down was one of legitimate shock as in, why is this even happening?