Photo Credit: Meek Mill/Instagram

Meek Mill has a bus with his album art going around Hollywood, Philly and other areas, except it’s not just any artwork. It involves cartoon nudity and everyone wasn’t exactly appreciative of it. A man saw the bus and went into a tirade about how disgusting it was and that children could see it. He pointed to a pic of a woman that was bent over with a pink dot saying that he knew what that was and it had no business on public display.

But that wasn’t it. There’s more! He then started pointing out masonic imagery which was his explanation for a black and white floor underneath an image of a stripper. He repeatedly shouted asking black women if this is how they want to be portrayed. I wasn’t a fan of that part. One could say he should probably mind his white business but you didn’t hear that from me. And then he finished it off by saying this devil imagery is all connected. He said the vaccines are connected and to take off our masks. He actually had a decent argument until he went off into the vaccine part.

Take a look at the anti-Meek Mill tirade below: