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Megan Thee Stallion was feeling a little froggy on social media today when she saw a fan talking smack about her shooting incident with her ex Tory Lanez. What was written was “At this point Megan Thee Stallion is going to have to show us the bullet wound or something,” Quick witted, Megan hit back saying, “Bitches like this have ACTUAL CUM FOR BRAINS. Dick eating ass bitches. My hospital records are public record the DA has made a statement… yall choosing to be dumb at this point. You better hope a man never assaults you and nobody especially women believe you!”

Now the situation has been criticized from the jump and largely with the fact that she chose not to tell the police about being shot immediately after it happened. Even in the past month DJ Akademiks said he was tired of this publicity stunt between these two. But the photo of the injury the user asked for has already been shared by Megan on social media as evidenced by multiple people responding.

A lot of things have been debated here to include Megan sharing text messages of Tory apologizing where she asked what was he apologizing for. He said “Good D**k had me f***ing 2 best friends …. and I got caught 🤷🏾‍♂️ … that’s what I apologized 4.” He was referencing Megan’s friend Kelsey Nicole who was in the car when it all went down.

Moving forward, Meg’s last court date was supposed to be at the end of February but has been moved to April 5th. We’ll give updates on this case then.

And while it looks to many that this was all a publicity stunt put together by these two, it appears that Tory’s the one getting the short end of the stick. He recently was served with foreclosure papers for his $1.2 million condo on March 7th. The paperwork was delivered to the condo’s co-owner, songwriter Sebastian Rompotis. The suit is being filed by BH 4908 LLC over his 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 2,182 sq. ft. penthouse purchased in 2018 for $1.8 million where he took a $1.2 million loan with BH 4908 to help pay for it. His mortgage payments were $11,057.40 and he recently failed to make a $1,237,456.06 December 2021 balloon payment.

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