Photo Credit: Megan Thee Stallion/Instagram

It’s been anything but a #HotGirlSummer for Megan thee Stallion this year after getting shot by the man she had been dating, rapper Tory Lanez. After Tory’s camp has been accused of running a smear campaign against her, images of her injuries posted on Instagram and him being charged with assault and ordered to stay away from her, she is still being accused of making the entire thing up. She tweeted, “People wish I was the ‘bad guy’ so bad it’s weird,” followed by laughing and crying emojis which explain the scenario perfectly… laughing to keep from crying.

It was just a couple days ago that Megan wrote an op-ed for the NYTimes on the importance of protecting black women exactly for moments like now when people can still mock her situation even when presented with overwhelming evidence of what’s going on.

In the op-ed she wrote that she wrote that she wasn’t in a relationship with Tory but noted, “Instead, it happens because too many men treat all women as objects, which helps them to justify inflicting abuse against us when we choose to exercise our own free will.” For Black women, Megan said, this is an issue made “even more intense” as they are tasked with fighting against stereotypes while being “seen as angry or threatening” when trying to take a stand for themselves. “There’s not much room for passionate advocacy if you are a Black woman,” she said.

But back to Megan tweeting about how people want her to be the bad guy so bad, she retweeted someone saying that it was “For no mf reason !!” She was also accused of taking advantage of this #ProtectBlackWomen movement that she became completely unhinged over saying, “This is exactly the type of dumb comment that makes me scream PROTECT BLACK WOMEN. Please tell me why I would need to lie abt being shot to promote the protection of women… like out of all the things to lie about … this is sad coming out of a BLACK MAN’S MOUTH”

Now one of the tough parts for some to stomach is probably the fact that Tory is 5’6. Yes, he is a whole 5’6 shooting a woman almost 6′ tall. First it’s hard to imagine him shooting anyone and it’s probably that cartoon scenario that’s hard to picture. It doesn’t make it right, though. Also, as someone who dated a short man once who kept unnecessarily pulling his gun out many moons ago, I can picture it. But I can imagine how others couldn’t. Nevermind how midget a** DaBaby is always going around whoopin’ people’s a**es from the day he went mainstream and they’re about the same height.

Then there are those who feel that because she’s aggressive it must be her fault. It’s literally just an image. She has an aggressive sexual image that gives the impression of a stripper background which she’s never done and is currently in college. None of the above, however justifies her being shot. Meanwhile, Tory’s arraignment has been postponed until November 18th and has to remain 100 yards away from Megan. Hopefully neither gets the Cardi B can’t-help-its where they go run back to the other because they miss the sex. Megan, he shot you. Please don’t.