Photo Credit: New Zealand Office of the Governor General; Veronica Ridge/Instagram

Discussions about the viciousness and racism in the British media have been a topic of discussion since Meghan Markle first started being seen with Prince Harry. But the extent of these attacks have been analyzed and the results are quite eye opening. Bot Sentinel has been investigating this and found a network of hate accounts “earning thousands via YouTube advertising, which then acts as an incentive to continue creating more hate-filled content.”

“I think it’s unconscionable and abhorrent that people are earning thousands of dollars each month from videos created to spread hate, and platforms like YouTube are incentivizing these people to continue creating more hate-filled content,” Bot Sentinel founder Christopher Bouzy told Newsweek.

An analysis of Twitter trends in October showed that 70% of the hate against the Duchess came from just 55 accounts. One account, Yankee Wally, makes $3,300-a-month in ad revenue. “Our research revealed these accounts were brazenly coordinating on the platform, and at least one account was openly recruiting people to join their hate initiative on Twitter,” Bot Sentinel said.

The data analysis firm added, “We determined Twitter had previously suspended 40 percent of the primary accounts, and these accounts were employing tactics to avoid suspension. Some put ‘parody’ in their profiles, although it wasn’t a parody account. Others would use racist coded language about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to avoid detection.”

And for those who feel that she just needs to toughen up, it was inevitable that she was going to face more scrutiny as a biracial woman in the palace both based on British history but society. Amnesty International revealed women of color were 34 percent more likely to be mentioned in ‘abusive or problematic’ tweets than white women. “Further, Black women were 84 percent more likely than white women to be mentioned in such tweets.”

All we can say is God bless her for dealing with it. No wonder she was trying to bail and leave for LA.