Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Meghan Markle has had quite a time since becoming a Duchess and even stated in a recent interview that the media bullying was causing her a tremendous amount of stress. “Any woman, especially when they’re pregnant, you’re really vulnerable and so that was made really challenging,” she stated in an upcoming in an ITV documentary debuting this week. “And then when you have a newborn, you know…especially as a woman, it’s really, it’s a lot, so you add this on top of just trying to be a new mom or trying to be a newlywed its, yeah, well I guess. And also thank you for asking because not many people have asked if I’m OK,” she continued. “But it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. And the answer is? Would it be fair to say, ‘Not really OK,’ as in, it’s really been a struggle?” the interviewer asks. “Yes,” Meghan replied.

So to get away from it all, she and hubby Prince Harry are planning to come to the States for Thanksgiving. She’ll be spending the day with her mother, Doria Ragland at her childhood home in Cali while Christmas will be with Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family at her Sandringham estate in England. This will be a monumental trip considering this will be her kid’s first time in America.

This sabbatical of sorts from the public eye is much needed as her husband just finished chastising the media for harassing her while she was pregnant. HE described their actions as “ruthless” and as a result, The Mail on Sunday has legal proceedings against them for publishing a private letter that she sent her estranged father. The International Business Times said she’s insecure about her weight gain and not losing weight as quickly as Kate Middleton. There’s another report that she’s considering leaving her husband because he’s going bald and one today asking “Where did it all go so wrong for Meghan Markle?” Who said anything was wrong with her life? Clearly the two need this break and we hope they return rejuvenated and willing to take on the negative press because if they don’t, they’ll keep doing it. Someone’s got to fight back.