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Actor Mehcad Brooks shared a touching story on Instagram about his humble beginnings getting started in Hollywood. He might be appearing in the new Mortal Kombat soon and having the ability to walk away from the series Supergirl to write a book and work on feature films, but things weren’t always that rosy for him. As explained in the Instagram post of his, he was a window washer on Rodeo Drive when he would be constantly talked down to by those he worked for, telling him things like “Don’t get any of your nasty window water on these clothes you can’t afford.” But it was about a year later at 24 that he found himself back inside of that same store getting fit for a tuxedo as he had just won a SAG award along with his castmates from Desperate Housewives. He was being fitted by the person who had spoken down on him in the past. He then saw another guy in the same position he used to be in being treated the very same way in front of him. He said he walked over to him and told him he was wearing the same uniform 11 months ago and to the employee berating him in front of everyone, he told him, “Be nice to everyone, you never know if you’ll be fitting them for an award show later.”

I found this to be a touching story because you never know who you’re talking to and who you’re acting out in front of. Someone is always watching and karma does tend to always get people later, especially those who enjoy throwing their weight around on others. It’s also important for people like him to tell the stories of how they got to be where they are as an inspiration to someone else. And might we add that for someone with the body that became a Calvin Klein model, he was definitely destined to make it and not remain a window washer forever.

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When I was 23 years old I was washing windows for a company that would send us out to wash the store fronts daily. I did this for a couple years or so while I was struggling as an aspiring actor in LA. I remember being treated like shit by some of the employees at a store on #RodeoDrive “Don’t get any of your nasty window water on these clothes you can’t afford” one said. I’ve always remembered how condescending that was, how much it affected me at the time. 11 months later when I was 24 I was invited into that same store as a guest to be fitted for a tuxedo as my cast and I were nominated for a SAG Award for #DesperateHousewives. We’d end up winning it. The same salesperson who was condescending to me was now fitting me. He didn’t recognize me from our interaction. I guess he never thought I was important enough to notice in my window washing uniform. I relished in this as I sipped my champagne deciding on what outfits I wanted. And then the Universe said, “check this out”. The new window washer in the same uniform was at the storefront, I looked at him for a second, acknowledged his presence and sure enough the salesperson walked over and condescended the old me. I saw how his face dropped but he took the mistreatment. I knew his pain, felt his embarrassment. So I walked over to the window washer and asked him if he was okay. I told him I had the same uniform on 11 months ago. I watched the color come back to his face. I walked back to the salesperson and said, “Be nice to everyone, you never know if you’ll be fitting them for an award show later.” His mouth dropped. Pants shit achieved. Moral of all this is, do what you have to do until you don’t have to do it anymore. Hustle when you have to hustle, swallow the bullshit when you have to, because when you allow your heart to be your guide, you never know what you’re going to be fitted for in a year. Love y’all. #justakidfromaustin

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