Photo Credit: Memphis Bleek/Instagram

Earlier this week an old Suge Knight interview resurfaced with some pretty strong claims about Jay-Z saying on a trip to L.A. he was tied up, gagged and robbed while there. It started with a 2001 appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly where Suge said about Jay’s music, “I think Jay-Z is…he does what he do,” Knight said, prompting the audience to laugh. “Which is some good stuff, but you know.” Daly responded saying, “It doesn’t sound like you like him too much…have you ever met him?”

It was at that point Suge said the only thing he knew of Jay at the time was him being robbed. “The only thing I know about Jay-Z is that he came to L.A. a few times, and Snoop [Dogg] and [Dr.] Dre told him that, ‘When you on the West Coast—you wrote a song for me—don’t worry ’bout nothing,” Suge recalled. “Next thing I know, he’s taped up, robbed, and gagged. … Out in L.A.”

Now Memphis Bleek, his right hand man got a whiff of it on Twitter and described it as “Every cap in the world.” So far Jay has said nothing about this and Suge is currently serving a 28 year sentence and will be eligible for parole summer 2037. As for Jay’s street cred, I’ll just say I would find it hard to believe that he came out of Marcy projects in the 80s and not be able to fend for himself so I think I’m taking Memphis’ side on this. Anyway, this is over 20 years old. They’ve probably all forgotten and moved past this.