Photo Credit: Broward County Jail

After Young Dro was arrested for attacking his baby mother over money his baby mother spent, we thought the message might have gone out about guys not overreacting or at least not getting physical over expenses at least when they’re not significant. But that apparently didn’t happen now that Miami Dolphins star Xavien Howard got arrested for fighting his fiancee over the purchase of purse. There’s no details on who paid for it, whether it was him and she didn’t like the store it came from or if she spent way over the amount she’s allowed. But not only did things get physical, he’s the one who ended up in jail. And to be clear, the verbiage in the police reported stated, it occurred “over a recent purchase of a purse at a store that wasn’t disclosed to her.”

It all occurred Sunday night, right after his team won. He was arrested by the Davie Police Department on domestic battery charges. During the argument he grabbed his fiance by both arms and shoved her into a mirrored glass wall in their bedroom. (A mirrored wall… that’s probably how she became his baby mother.) The shove caused her to land on a crutch of his. The officer that arrived said he noticed scratches and redness on her right wrist/forearm as well as an abrasion and redness from her falling. He wasn’t initially taken to jail as he complained of knee pain from a recent surgery. After the local hospital took a look at it and cleared him, off to Broward County Jail he went.

As of this morning he was still being held on $3,000 bail. And besides that, given that he lives with his children and the mother of his child, his fiancee, this is going to make their engagement awkward moving forward. We’ll be keeping you all updated on this as it unfolds.