Photo Credit: Michael B. Jordan/Instagram; Lori Harvey/Instagram

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey have been a new industry it couple for over a year now with Jordan so much as asking her father Steve Harvey for permission to date his daught early 2021. During their time together, Harvey helped Jordan with his skincare regimen with him praising her beauty at the Met Gala on his arm just a few weeks ago. Well now a source tells People Magazine have called it quits saying, “Michael and Lori are both completely heartbroken. They still love each other.”

“Michael matured a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to commit for the long term. He let down his guard with her, opening up emotionally in a romantic relationship for the first time,” they added. “They had great times together and brought out the best in each other.”

It sounds like it was Michael who was let down. Did he become a victim in what appears to be a string of relationship drivebys Harvey’s been committing as of late. It’s worth noting he has pics of her on his IG and she doesn’t. It almost comes across that she’s also been getting paid for relatinship publicity stunts. March 2021 Jordan was accused of their relationship being one, which he addressed. Others said this would be reputation management for him post Wakanda where he played the most pro-black role which came in stark contrast to the fact that he only dates white women. Hmm. Only time will tell. Neither Jordan or Harvey have commented yet.