Photo Credit: Malik Beasley/Instagram

Minnesota Timberwolves star Malik Beasley has lived his life through COVID completely YOLO with a series of not so bright decisions and has just penned a letter from prison saying he hopes people can learn from his decisions. He’s currently serving a 120 day sentence in a gun charge for waving his gun at a family who mistakenly thought his home was part of a home tour last fall.

His wife Montana Yao accepted the felony drug charge when drugs were found on him only to get cheated on by him months later in a public drama with him sneaking off with Larsa Pippen and putting her out of his house after the drama unfolded in the media. He’s been making efforts to bring his family back together since and she’s not shown much promise other than the fact she wants to be clear that she’s listening but hasn’t made a single decision on the matter as of yet.

You can read his note from prison below: