Photo Credit: The Root/Twitter

The inauguration of President Joe Biden began today with a high from #BlackTwitter. Hashtag laid was trending and without even watching it at that moment, I automatically knew what it meant. I said Michelle Obama’s hair must be standing out today to say the least. Of course for a quick second I had forgotten about Kamala Harris, but I also remember a #BlackTwitter debate about Michelle at the last inauguration.

Some of you may remember how in 2016 Michelle had her hair in a slick back updo that for those who know black hair pretty much said she didn’t want to be there and she made sure her hair even expressed that. Today? Michelle came out as a complete 180 from before and her hair was what? LAID. She even wore a similar outfit to 2016 as if to further emphasize the message her hair was making.

But Michelle has a lot to celebrate today. The person that dragged her and husband Barack for years on end over his country of origin didn’t last as long as they did and more importantly, the platform he used to drag them down got snatched from him. On another note, the origina of the birther conspiracy theory has been debated about who it came from which really doesn’t matter because he’s the one who took it and ran with it. There was debate about whether it came from words his biography co-writer put in there which would be fine… if that was articulated. I didn’t even hear that mentioned until several years later so once again, the conspiracy is garbage and will forever remain so. And if she wants to stunt with a #NewWeave as TS Madison would say to celebrate, she’s earned it.