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Mike Epps is in his 50s and still procreating. It was just last month that he had his 6th child with Kyra Epps, who he’s been married to since 2019. Holding his baby’s head in his hand for the pic, he announced the child’s name, Mike Epps, Jr. and captioned the photo with “👑God is Good.” T.I. responded with “All the time God is good” in the comments. When the couple announced the baby last month, Kyra posted a picture of her holding him on Instagram saying, “Son, we prayed for you. You have officially rocked our world. Mama loves you so much.”

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Their son came just a year after their last child, a girl named Indiana Rose. Born in March 2020, it made Mike a father of 5 and Kyra a first time parent. “I wish I had a son,” Mike told People Magazine at the time. “My mother had eight sons and one girl. My mother cried every day,” she added. “A woman can’t control a little boy that much. You think they can, but it’s like dealing with a little man,” Epps said. “I think the gene pool switched up,” Mike joked. “I had all the girls that she wanted,” the celebrity further mused.

We’re happy for Mike Epps finally getting that son he’s always wanted and pray for continued health in his family.