Photo Credit: Mike Tyson/Instagram

Mike Tyson has a cannabis brand called Mike 2.0 where he’s now selling, get this… ear shaped gummies with a bite taken out of them. of course they were designed to look like his emphamis ’97 fight with Holyfield where he got a little carried away and did like McGruff the Crime Dog and took a bite out of crime, err Holyfield. Now there’s only one of two camps you can be on in this one. You can laugh at a joke told about 20 years too long or you can be completely outraged by it. Well Buffy the Vampire Slayer Actress Charisma Carpenter falls into the latter.

“What’s next? A rebranding of domestic abuse with [Robin] Givens‘ face?,” Carpenter asked. “How does one of the most deplorable and shocking events in sports become a marketing tool to earn millions? It ain’t funny.” And quite honestly, when it’s put that way, she does have a point. On Oprah back in ’09 he spoke about his less than a year marriage to actress Robin Givens in the 80s by saying he had “socked her” before and that she too had socked him.

And what does Holyfield think about this? Well these days there’s a documentary on Discovery+ called Legacy: In the Shadow of Greatness with his son Evan Holyfield and other celebrity children including Zaire Wade following their lives growing up with celebrity parents. So it seems he’s too busy by raising a young star of his own to be worried about Tyson and his 2 decade old jokes.

Do you think Carpenter has a point about this joke being out of taste?