Photo Credit: Vijat Mohindra

Miley Cyrus was leaving her hotel in Barcelona yesterday when a fan made a bold move standing right next to her husband. A rabid fan standing around as the couple walked to their car grabbed her by the neck and planted a kiss on her cheek. Security didn’t notice until afterwards what took place. When her husband Liam Hemsworth caught on, he immediately took her under his arm as they got into their vehicle. While no serious harm was done, it does show why some artists get uncomfortable around large groups of fans for obvious safety reasons. And just think if this were rapper DaBaby. His security put an artist performing at the same venue as him into a coma for asking for a picture, getting denied and getting a little rowdy in response. Personally, we’d prefer Hemsworth had knocked the guy out but we suppose he did the right thing.

She was in town for Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival taking the place of Cardi B who had to pull out due to doctor’s orders to take a break to recover from having lipo. Actually the official reason given was for promotional commitments but we heard what she said about her lipo. Anyway, the concert was the 31st and conveniently her first major concert since releasing the album which came out the night before at midnight. While there, she performed a number of hits and some new material as well. As for the planted kiss, she’s reportedly been feeling unsettled about what happened, as she should. Her husband has referred to himself as #HusbandGoals in recent Instagram posts but as a word of advice, if he wants to live up to that hashtag, he needs to take some boxing lessons from DaBaby and handle those unruly fans the way they deserve to be handled next time.