Photo Credit: Misty Blanco

Misty Blanco, formerly Mysterious from MTV’s Making the Band picked up her Billboard plaque for her work on Bad Boy’s Da Band in 2002 this past weekend. It may have taken 19 years to receive, but better late than never. In a post on Instagram she gave a tribute to Diddy saying, “Thank u @diddy for putting me on the album. Now it’s time for the movie my side of the story!!! Filming my life story has been a journey and serious cleansing visiting old places and the things that got me to this moment. All I ever wanted to do was tell my story my life story now that I have a my billboards let’s goooo the journey to finally being able to say My side and what a beautiful side that is.”

During this same weekend she stopped by Rick Ross’ first car show that took place at his 45,000 square foot home in Atlanta sitting on 235 acres. She described the event as more than a show but a celebration which given that Ross went to such strides to bring back the car culture in hip hop is quite commendable. She gave thanks to Safaree on Instagram saying, “thanks for the flowers you gave me when you seen who you remembered as “Mysterious from Making The Band 2”, who now grew into “Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar.” And regarding Ross, she and the Hustlin’ rapper have the 2018 song Winning Circle together.

This came after performing at Portsmouth, Virginia’s inaugural 420ish Festival alongside Movado, Mad Lion, Spice, etc. The performance was a stop on her Blaque Okane Rockfest 8 state tour and reality show currently being taped for Viacom now available on The Misty TV channel on Roku.