Photo Credit: MJ Javid/Instagram

There’s a ringleader war going on on the Shahs of Sunset between castmembers Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Reza Farahan. MJ was caught outside of Catch in LA with fellow castmates Mike Shouhed, Nema Vand and Shervin Roohparvar where she was asked if there’s any chance of a resolution between her and Reza. She responded saying, “It’s not gonna happen. He should crawl on his hands and knees.” She went on to say, “He’s thirsty and I pray for him every night. Like I want nothing but what’s best for him. But I feel sorry for him. Happiness between us (referring to the other male castmembers) makes him feel angry. I think that he should change his therapist.” And for a closing dig, she said, “His stock is plummeting.”

Seven years ago when the show began, these two were inseparable. And just like the rest of the cast, everyone is pretty much independently wealthy and quite competitive with each other. In MJ and Reza’s case, their level of competitiveness has gone into unhealthy territory. It went from boasting about who’s selling more real estate and rubbing one’s relationship in the face of the other to MJ’s husband allegedly being caught on camera jumping Reza’s fence and causing $10,000 of damage to his property smashing planters and destroying lawn furniture. Apparently Reza had been taunting her while she was pregnant. She allegedly planted a friend in his life who was exchanging nudes (supposedly of other people) with his husband which started causing problems in their relationship.

And all of this drama occurred after Reza went to MJ for advice about his marriage. Now that was low and it sounds like someone was stirring the pot for a television storyline that got out of hand. Reza now has a restraining order against MJ’s husband. How things got to this point, we have no idea but these two need to set some boundaries in their relationship because they’ve clearly gotten way out of hand. There’s no reason to be feuding with your childhood friend to this extent especially when you both appear on a show together.