If you’ve spent any time on Instagram, you know who Deven Hubbard is. He’s the young NBA hopeful whose journey to stardom we’ve all watched from basketball camp to recent trips in L.A. where he’s made friends with Zell Swag, his go to guy for clothes, gotten a new publicist Shawn and has been pursuing Grace Kim whose been helping him with business on the west coast. Since being there he’s shot with Foto119, started a Youtube channel where he’s shot with fellow Youtube sensation Ashley Ortega.

His latest project is a fitness program put together alongside his trainer Jack Rousian where he gives some pointers to those who might find his body enviable. He even has a booty blaster program for the ladies, so no need for any artificial plastic or injections, pick up Deven’s fitness program. Deven is someone who has the looks, drive, talent as he’s expected to be a 2018 NBA draft pick along with a steadily rising brand name.

That name however has definitely come with its ups and downs as he’s been seen riding through Atlanta in all types of luxury cars but found himself around those attempting to include him in scandal, but it looks like he’s the one having the last laugh. He’s someone we’re happy to cover and support and are looking forward to seeing what he has coming up next.

Glitzers, check out Deven Hubbard below and make sure you pick up his new workout program:

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