Photo Credit: BlameItOnKWay

Kway just did a skit with model and rapper Toure Wallace aka NitroXPharaoh as an ad for PrettyMelanin skin products. And from what we can see, this appears to be Pharaoh’s first bit of acting.. at least from what we’ve seen. The skit shows a petty Kway playin his role as Titi asking for more PrettyMelanin and had to resort to making Pharaoh’s life hell for saying no. Sound familiar to anyone? Yes, art imitates life. But as usual, it’s well produced, has good acting and at this point, we think Kway could do casting for Tyler Perry because he always finds the best looking men to cast with. We recall Jon Moody and Deven Hubbard being a couple of them.

As for Pharaoh, we could have sworn we covered him before in our Eye Candy section. The article might have gotten lost in our site rebuild but he certainly belongs in there. You can look out for that article later. We’ve followed him over the years as we do with a lot of new talent keeping an eye on their progress and he’s come a long way. We remember him from his Chicago days where he’s openly spoken about a charge he had with counterfeit money, the 3 times he was almost kicked out of Virginia State University and yet he still managed to make it graduating recently.

Some of you may know that we recently relocated this site from DC to Petersburg, VA and were surprised to look up and not only see him in the area knowing he came from Chicago but to also have made it to LA to work with KWay. We’re always happy to see people from the area doing well.

And he’s started rapping recently as well and we’ve got to say we like it. He doesn’t dissapoint. FYI – GODsip is our favorite track of his.

As for his future, we wouldn’t mind seeing something reality television related for him to do. Some people belong in front of the camera and he’s one of them.

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