If you were able to see my face as I’m writing this, I have tears in my eyes at the beauty that is below. Well not really but you get the point. Herman Newsome aka MistAmazin or HNAmazin is a model in Dallas whose done a photoshoot for Noire 3000 studios and subsequently made a name for himself with a homemade porn of him and his then girlfriend posted online. At one point it sounded like she was being killed. From the attention he got there he’s started selling videos of himself on OnlyFans.com and just appeared in his first adult film with DickDrainers.com. Even if he didn’t do adult films, he’s quite a handsome guy and could likely model clothed. We’ll just say we’re grateful for the work he’s chosen to share with us just the same. Also, if you follow him on social media you’ll see him use the hashtag #DoWhatIWant quite a bit because he says when you have good d*ck you can get away with a lot. Sigh. This is true… this is definitely true.