Photo Credit: Rakim/Instagram

Rap legend Rakim just launched a cannabus brand named Higher Frequency Flowers created to help artists forcus on their creative endeavors. An press release announcing the product had Rakim, whose real name is William Griffin Jr. saying “Higher Frequency Flower was developed to assist artists and deep thinkers as they explore and expand the universal connections that form the foundation of their creative process. We’re curating each of our strains and introducing new techniques and technology that will lead the way to the next level of cannabis cultivation.”

And if you’re wondering how he got into this business and why, Rakim says regarding canabis, “If I can disconnect from the immediate and then connect to the universal infinite, the unconscious collective, that’s where I find myself [being] most creative.” And just what helps him reach his full creativity? “Cannabis helps set the mental stage for me to travel there,” he said, stating that cannabis also lets him “dig into [his] mind.”

The partnership with Black Market Group is an example of how he says canabis and creativity go hand in hand and society becoming less strict and welcoming with cannibas. He also says it’s perfectly normal for artists to seek a tool they can use for “creative expansion” and that is precisely what he’s providing. He also says his avenue of artistic expansion is a lot less invasive than alcohol since alcohol lowers inhibitions. He said it gets you energetic at first but also lowers your cognitive skills and has strong cognitive effects.

He also joins a list of other rappers in the cannibas business to include Vic Mensa who just launched a brand of his a few weeks ago called Before I Ever Sold a Rap, I Sold An Eighth and Ice-T opening his dispensary in New Jersey this fall. As for Rakim and his brandm Higher Frequency Flowers, visit its website at