Photo Credit: Monica Brown/Instagram

It’s been a couple weeks since R&B singer Monica filed for divorce from NBA player Shannon Brown, but don’t expect to hear about it on T.I.’s reality show. In the trailer for T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, she says she never thought she would see herself as a single mother in her 30s. Leaving fans at the edge of their seats ready to hear more about what’s going on in the Brown household, but unfortunately, that’s all she’s willing to tell. It’s reported to frustrate the show’s producers because you can’t have some major life drama like that going on and keep it from viewers. It’s pretty much attempted sabotage. If you don’t want the reality of your life on television, don’t sign up for reality television.

Not only is Monica refusing to talk about her divorce, she won’t even say her ex-husband’s name. This shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise because she got married in secret back in 2010. In fact, it was months before they decided to tell anyone or before she showed up in public with a ring. The most comment she’s given on her relationship has been a few Instagram pics with her hands strategically placed to show she doesn’t have her wedding ring on. Instagram pics with cryptic messages saying things like “Treasure people while they are present to feel your gratitude” are nice, but they don’t make up for good television. It also doesn’t give an explanation of how you feel after years of cheating rumors from your ex and possibly even how you feel about him being on IG making hip thrusting videos. If you happened to have seen that, even fans were calling foul telling him to calm that down.

If it’s the embarrassment of a failed marriage, she’s concerned about, Monica’s a musical treasure and she’ll be supported no matter what decision she makes. And just remember, things can always be worse. She could be Wendy Williams. Her husband was parading around with another woman about 20 years younger than her for years showering her with a $200,000+ car, a mansion, vacations etc., even while his own wife was struggling with addiction, collapsing on set and in a sober house. A couple groupie tales in comparison are nothing. And in Wendy’s case, even given how harsh she’s known to be to the industry, she had been married for over 20 years, something many are able to relate to which garnered her a lot of industry-wide support. Hoda, Sheryl Underwood, Abby Huntsman and plenty others. Meghan McCain said she cried when she watched her talk about living in a sober house saying “She’s in a lot of pain. She’s a real talent. I wish her nothing but compassion and love, and I hope she comes back to her show better and stronger than ever. Screw that guy. She doesn’t need him!” If she’s able to get that type of support given her industry reputation, Monica’s going to be just fine.