Photo Credit: Monique/Instagram

Monique has been letting Lee Daniels have it for yeeeeears after starring in Precious which is going on 15 years old at this point. Over the years people like Steve Harvey has told her to put her principles aside and just make her money but it looks like she’s finally gotten her point across to Daniels. She’s now going to be replacing Octavia Spencer in Netflix’ Demon House playing a clergy member helping a family through a series of exorcisms.

What occurred between Monique and Lee Daniels and well, Oprah as well, (hopefully they’ll also make up soon), was that she refused to promote the movie Precious because it wasn’t in her contract. She didn’t want to spend time away from her family and as a result, she said she was blackballed in the industry by both Daniels and Oprah. While they have denied it, a source said they didn’t speak for 13 years to Monique because of it. She even sued Netflix separately in 2019 claiming racial and gender discrimination for underpaying her for a stand up special. she pointed out that Amy Schumer made 26x the $500k she was being offered.

But all that is a thing of the past with Monique working on a new high profile film in a package brokered by CAA Media Finance worth $65 million covering production where Monique and Daniels will be working together in a very high profile film that Daniels, Tucker Tooley and Pam Williams.

Monique similarly shared to TS Madison that Tyler Perry expressed interest in making a public apology to her for how he’s treated her over the years by participating in her industry blackballing. Even 50 Cent recently came out saying he had vowed to put Monique back on. Given all of the division going on over the Will Smith slap, it’s good to see something positive bringing people in the industry together. Monique’s an exceptional star and definitely deserves this.