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This season of The Real Housewives of Potomac was quite tumultuous. We saw behind whoopings, court cases, folks in court over taxes again, the television punditry maven Wendy Osefo, (that’s Dr. Wendy, by the way) join the cast, all with no shortage of drama. Now if I am wrong here, may God write me… and I probably am, but for all of the tragedy that occurred during this season, I laughed throughout most of it. Take for instance the reunion teaser where Karen Huger said that roasting Gizelle Bryant’s clothing was therapeutic during quarantine. That is incredibly shady and absolutely hilarious. At the end of the day, all women on this show earn their paychecks.

Then there is Michael Darby. He is his own form of entertainment by himself. He attended Robyn Dixon and her fiancé Juan’s annual Christmas party and has a scene having an extended conversation with Juan because well, what could possibly go wrong with that? It’s already been established that he said he wanted to suck his d*ck and everyone’s now pretended like that didn’t happen so what’s a little liquor for the husband known for grabbing the butts of straight men talking to a man he clearly has feelings for? Nothing to see here. He just made a gaffe that he wanted to get the info for his bachelor party, just the two of them without cameras. Again, nothing to see here.

But it wasn’t Juan Michael got into it with, no matter how much he may have wanted to. It was Chris Bassett, Candiace’s husband. Candiace had gotten into an argument with someone and for a subject we don’t even remember because it was the ensuing events that completely eclipsed the night. Michael Darby, in his drunken self decided to go walk over to Chris Bassett in some effort to sound masculine telling him he needed to go control his wife. Now, not only does any man with reasonable sense know not to tell another man to control his wife and think he’s going to go along with it smiling like two big old Archie Bunkers, anyone married to a black woman knows uttering the words of going over and “controlling” them won’t end well. It even makes one wonder if he and Ashley live in the same house because if so, he should know better. Not in the mood, Chris told Michael to get out of his face and pushed in.

Chris Bassett pushing Michael Darby is where Karen comes in. No, not Karen Huger but “Karen.” Michael said he was calling his lawyer and Michael was going to go to jail. Typical Karen behavior. And what made it so sad was seeing Ashley shouting at the top of her lungs telling Michael to stop it because he’s “embarrassing the f*ck out of me,” as she said. She tried grabbing him and he swung her arm off of him. He even said Security was touching all over him and it was disgusting. Years ago when I worked in mental health I watched a man get arrested who kept saying the officer’s d*ck was on his butt and to get it off. … … It sounded like he secretly liked it. That’s exactly what Michael sounded like getting thrown out of the venue. They even told him he didn’t have a right to be there. Typical Karen behavior… no shade to Karen Huger.

This entire season was clouded by Monique Samuels getting into a fight with Candiace Dillard which was a result of Candiace asking… to be dragged and with a smile. So Monique dragged her. Did it have to happen? Probably not. And all of the cast saying they didn’t want to be around her and how she was dragging the cast down, well it all ended with the court throwing both cases out from Monique and Candiace with Monique literally getting the last laugh. Production even added in a little shade by giving her an extended with cackle effect on her laugh.

Part of what I can appreciate through this whole Monique and Candiace situation is how honest Monique was. When asked in a group setting if she felt remorse for the incident, she immediately said no as if nothing had happened. From my perspective, as a Communications person in DC, I’m so used to political correctness, it’s almost a second instinct, and it was that moment where I realized she was being genuine. Was it the politically correct thing to say? Absolutely not but people should be able to process their feelings.

During the show I made the statement on Twitter that people have had their a** whooped, husbands accused of being gay, used kitchen utensils as weapons at and it’s still the Karen Huger show, but after seeing the preview for the reunion, I’m not so sure about that. Karen doesn’t have what Monique does and that is a receipt book she brought with her. And in her receipt book apparently was evidence that Gizelle’s man, Pastor Jamal Bryant is “slanging his big D all over Atlanta.” So first of all, we’d like to know how she knows it’s big and secondly is their evidence of this in the receipt book. We’re just saying. Inquiring minds want to know.

Monique’s receipt book has the potential to turn the tide of this show over the next couple episodes of the reunion. And can you blame her? If you were dragged all season you would go on a grade school book report project to get dirt on everyone else for trying to shame you as well. So as we said before, Monique got the last laugh this season and appears to be aiming for a couple more during this reunion. We already caught her little jokey joke donning Jamal Bryant as #PastorHolyWhore.